Can we just talk about how cute my kid is?!

mamatomywildflower Thanks lovey, I definitely needed some luck today.




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Tomorrow is my first 8 hour shift at my new job and I’m not feeling ready at all. I got home about an hour ago and I’m too tired to care.

I had dinner at my Moms and fed Chloe a tater tot and she got choked up. That’s probably the most unhealthy thing I’ve ever fed her and of course it ends in calling 911. She’s pretty good at bringing food back up but she was turning purplish and I knew she was struggling with it and it was tuck in her esophagus. It finally went down by the time they got there but it totally freaked my poor Mom out. Usually hot dogs are the only food that kids with TEF absolutely shouldn’t have, but even though I broke the tater tot into pieces it’s still too chunky. Good to know though. Poor Chloe, can’t ever get a break.

I’m rewriting this post because I’m feeling better this morning. I could hardly think last night and I needed help sleeping. Every day is a battle still. Two years is nothing when it comes to losing you, Lily, Beth and Andrew. Luckily Lily’s photography skills were out of this world and we have some of the most beautiful photos to reminisce on. Today, like everyday, is going to be tough but I have a busy day. Rest Easy.

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"Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman

Mom life…

So after I had Chloe I weighed 137lbs and I literally stayed that exactly weight until the beginning of this month. Yes, literally over a year I didn’t lose a single pound. It’s been the worst. Anyway I had a doctors appointment at the beginning of August and I weighed in at 134lbs (which I was pretty stoked about), and I was weighed when I went in today and I’m 126lbs! 8lbs down, hell yeah :)

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Had a good time hanging at the park and having lunch with my little sister, Chloe and my stepmom. Afterwards I had a doctors appointment and Chloe was so well behaved. She just hung out and ate her cheerios.

On a side note and not pictured - I rescued a dog tonight. Poor thing is in heat and thankfully my neighbor helped me out and called animal control. She brought a crate and food down so the pup can stay at my house because she has like 10 dogs up at her house. Animal control will be here in the morning for her and they’ve apparently been searching for her for months now. She came up to me after a few minutes and I hate to see her go.


Spending the day in town having lunch with my stepmom, dropping by work, and going to a doctors appointment. I’m taking Chloe with me and I’m hoping Cheerios will keep her occupied because I think it’s a stress relief session. I was a little ticked at my stepmom for flaking out on our cookout but I’ve come to my senses. She’s been through way too much the past year and it just wasn’t the right time. It’ll be nice to see her and my little sister today.